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Construction Project

A Public Jobs Program to Bring Our Infrastructure Into the 21st Century

I am thrilled to introduce my plan for an Islip public jobs program - designed to support our communities and bring our infrastructure into the twenty-first century.


What we’re getting out of our Department of Public Works now is woefully insufficient. It’s not shocking when a department meant to maintain and upkeep critical infrastructure is more focused on creating do-nothing jobs for well-connected politicos that our roads and sidewalks are crumbling. 


Under this program, we’ll focus on hiring Islip residents seeking work for well-paid, union jobs, dedicated to year-round infrastructure maintenance and improvement. This includes things like:


  • Filling potholes and cracks in our roads 

  • Repairing existing sidewalk and building new ones

  • Cleaning up our parks and shores

  • Retrofitting town properties to make them more energy efficient and sustainable


If you’re without work in Islip, the town will put you to work. It’s a policy choice to let our struggling citizens languish unemployed while paying others with political connections to do almost nothing on the taxpayer dime. Better still, this program will improve the quality of life for everyone in town.


Now, how do we fund it?


We fund it by cutting the decades of corruption and patronage at Town Hall.


Allow me to give you an example. My opponent, Angie Carpenter, recently hired the son of the Islip Town Republican Committee Chair as “Chief Deputy Town Attorney” at a hefty salary of $120,000. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the offer letter:

Mind you, this job was not advertised publicly, nor was anyone else even interviewed for the job. Just another cushy, do-nothing job with a six figure salary attached, handed out to the child of a political party chairman. 


Under my infrastructure jobs program, this $120,000 would instead help fund a sidewalk repair team, repairing and expanding sidewalks year-round, right in your neighborhood.


Which sounds like better use of your tax dollars?

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