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A Better Future for Islip's Families

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Let's Put Town Government to Work for You and Your Family


Ready to Fight for All of Islip's Residents

Ken’s career to date has been devoted to serving others, especially the most vulnerable.

Prior to leaving his job to run for office full-time, Ken served as the Data Manager for Suicide Prevention Initiatives at the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, using data and technology to prevent youth suicide. 

Ken started his professional career in the field of suicide prevention, launching a multi-award winning mobile app for high school and college suicide prevention while a student at Notre Dame. 

In the near decade in-between, Ken held various leadership roles in the health technology sector, consulted on various pieces of legislation introduced in New York State government, and co-authored peer-reviewed research and economic analysis of federal health policy. 


After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Notre Dame, Ken earned his Master’s in Public Administration from Syracuse University on a full-tuition scholarship, and will graduate next May with his Executive Master’s in Public Health from Yale.


Ken was raised in Brentwood in the Town of Islip by a working class family.

His father, Ken Colón Sr., is a retired NYPD narcotics detective and 9/11 first-responder who spent his career serving his community, cleaning the streets of the most dangerous drugs and the predatory criminals preying on people struggling with addiction. He currently works as an investigator in child protective services.


His mother, Karla Maldonado-Colón, immigrated to the US from El Salvador at a young age along with her mother. An Adelphi University graduate and former nurse, she demonstrated the importance of education and hard work. Together, they raised three sons -- Ken being the oldest of the three -- with a strong emphasis on the values of sincerity, determination, and compassion.

Ken's wife, Dr. Maria Mosley-Colón, is a resident physician specializing in emergency medicine. The couple first met in 2014 while they were both attending Notre Dame; they’ve been best friends ever since. The young couple hopes to soon raise a family of their own in the Town of Islip.



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